Another Drudge Flash:

Georgia Democrat Zell Miller to introduce Bush at Atlanta fundraiser on Thurs, along with other Georgia DEMOCRATS; will announce he will spend next 10 months as SURROGATE for Bush…


Story tomorrow.

Not much more here tonight until the usual latenight martini-blogging. Or martini-free blogging, as it’s become since we decided 2004 is the International Year of the Baby Or at Least Our Year We Hope and Please Make It Soon. Something like that, anyway.

I had a point here, which is this: I reinstalled an old version of Excel on the laptop (the XP version doesn’t include mapping), and I’m working on a spreadsheet which will allow me to wargame electoral college scenarios. Naturally, I’ll be presenting those maps here over the next week or two.

Once I’m done — does anybody know how to turn a spreadsheet into a Java app?


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