"I'll Have What the Gentleman on the Floor is Having"

Mort Kondracke explains Bush hatred:

In the end, Bush’s presidency – and America’s place in the world – will rise or fall on the basis of whether he has used force wisely or rashly. The jury is still out, but at the moment Americans are on his side.

And that, I think, is what galls Democrats most. Bush has been politically successful. He got his tax cuts through a Democratic Senate. He won a historic victory in the 2002 mid-term elections. He’s leading his foremost (and angriest) Democratic rival, Howard Dean, by 20 points in the polls.

Instead of looking in the mirror and trying to figure out what is wrong with them, Democrats vent at Bush. It’s a disastrous strategy.


A couple weeks ago, in response to an EJ Dionne column, you read here:

Let me get this straight. Democrats hate Bush because they’re mad at Democrats who supported him?

I need a drink.

And if Dionne is somehow correct, make it a double.

I’ll take that double now.


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