Tired Old Saw

Do the protests this week in the UK seem somehow familiar to you? They do to Austin Bay:

Angry Euro-protestors attacking an American warmonger president?

Yawn. In the American idiom, “Been there, done that.” Translation for Euro-sophisticates: “Passe, pal.”

It’s 2003, and the president is George W. Bush, but the teeth-gnashing rhetoric is right of out 1983 and the “Euro-missile protests” against Ronald Reagan.

This month is the 20th anniversary of the Great Euromissile Crisis. Oh, the accusations! Reagan was stupid. Reagan was dangerous, a warmonger seeking the nuclear destruction of the USSR. Reagan was — good heavens — a unilateralist. Today, the mayor of London calls Bush “the greatest threat to life on the planet.”

Twaddle. The current crop of Axis of Neville (Chamberlain) leftish pundits and leaders are thus exposed, recycling 20-year-old insults.


There’s more. Go read the whole thing, natch.


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