Henry Hanks sent me the link to Today’s Outrage:

Aaron McGruder, whose cartoon strip “The Boondocks” is known for its attacks on Republicans, went on the syndicated television show “America’s Black Forum” this past week and denounced National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice as a killer.

“I don’t like Condoleezza Rice because she’s a murderer,” Mr. McGruder said, adding, “We can discuss this illegal Iraq war, the slaughtering of innocent people, and because she’s one of the big hawks in this administration, I do not even see why this is a point of contention.”

Syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams reacted angrily.

“You called the national security adviser a murderer, and I don’t think you really meant that,” Mr. Williams said. “I think you should be very careful being in the position that you’re in making that kind of allegation on a national television show.”

Mr. McGruder replied, “I’m not saying she’s not doing her job well. I think it’s the job of these people to go into Third World countries and kill people in large numbers to put forth whatever the agenda is of the administration.”


I have nothing to say, but feel free to click on the Drinks and say something, yourself.


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