You'll Find the Paper Towels in the Garage Pantry

Just another weekday, like any other. Except everything was different and wrong.

For starters, my bride’s back was killing her. We’ve been putting new tile on the living room fireplace, and when I say “we,” I mean, “Melissa.” She called dibs on the job, so it’s hers. Partly because she enjoys it, but mostly because she wanted an expensive new power tool to call her very own. (Still, I did get a new table saw out of the deal.)


Problem is, where do you put a wet saw?

We tried it on my workbench, but it just didn’t work. Since I needed a work surface I could mount things on, I went with inch-thick particle board instead of steel. We tried putting the wet saw on it, but all the spray wasn’t agreeing with the particle board. It can stand up to saws, box cutters, and having a big vise mounted to it, but it didn’t take much spilled water to cause it some damage.

So Melissa spent half of Saturday on her knees, using the wet saw on the floor of the garage. She spent Sunday in a lot of pain.

Monday was worse.

My bride called in sick


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