The Man to Beat?

The Sacramento Bee‘s Daniel Weintraub thinks Arnold will be the next governor of California, should he decide to run:

If Schwarzenegger runs, Democrats won’t be able to lay a finger on him with issues they’ve long used to demonize Republicans: abortion, gun control, gay rights, the environment. And Republicans who think they can hit him on culture issues (he smoked pot as a young bodybuilder) will find their bullets bouncing off him as if he were a machine.

That’s because Arnold has something that few modern politicians possess: a story. It’s a captivating personal tale that meshes perfectly with his political beliefs. And if he runs, I think, it will get him elected.


The rest of the piece is a quick bio, including one thing I hadn’t read anywhere else. Arnold made his first million in real estate, before he ever starred in a movie. That speaks well of a man who arrived here penniless, but it doesn’t mean he — or anyone else — can quickly, easily, or painlessly ease California’s budget problems.


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