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Well, this is depressing:

A mob of about 100 Palestinian refugees stormed the office of a Ramallah polling organisation yesterday to stop it publishing a survey showing that five times as many refugees would prefer to settle permanently in a Palestinian state than return to their old homes in what is now Israel.

The protesters pelted Khalil Shikaki, the director of the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research, with eggs, smashed computers and assaulted the nine staff members on duty. A female worker was treated in hospital for her injuries. “This is a message for everyone not to tamper with our rights,” one of the rioters said.


Odd, but aren’t “rights” supposed to be about letting people do what they want, rather than be placed at the mercy of the government or the masses?

There are some Israelis who refer to the West Bank as “Judea and Samaria,” and beleive they have the right to evict every last Muslim from those holy lands. They have no such right, although they might just have a justification.

Jews who call for the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in the West Bank are called racists — or worse. Palestinians who call for killing all the Jews and then forcing Palestinians from their homes in the West Bank are called freedom fighters.


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