Pork Barrel Security

Al Nofi explains why Homeland Security will be about as effective as the original War on Crime:

Rather than funnel the federal dollars to areas experiencing the most problems, the bulk of Uncle Sam’s contribution to “the war on crime” ended up being spread around for political purposes. So rural sheriffs got spanking new patrol cars and many small town police departments ended up with heavily armed, well trained SWAT teams that never once were called upon to exercise their unique skills. And crime continued to soar for a couple of decades more.

Now we’re confronted by a new rush to spend, this time in the name of “Homeland Security.” And once more we seem to be “throwing money” everywhere but where it’s needed.

For 2003 Congress appropriated nearly $600 million to assist states in improving security from terrorism. Reason would suggest that where the threat is greatest should dictate where the bulk of the funds go. Of course reason has nothing to do with it.


Read the whole thing — but not if you have a sensitive stomach.


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