Map Reading

Look at today’s war map from StrategyPage.

You’ll notice that since yesterday, the heliborne troops of the 101AB have moved far north of yesterday’s position, hopscotching in their helicopters from one base to the next. Why?


They could be moving to the north or east side of Baghdad, in order to help close the circle while 3ID moves in from the southwest.

Another possibility is they’re preparing to move into Tikrit, the home of Saddam’s tribe and his political power base. After pacifying that city, they could then move south towards Baghdad.

And, really, what’s the rush for Baghdad? 3ID won’t be in position for a while, what with sandstorms and two enemy divisions in the way. And it will take even longer for the 1MD or 1st (UK) Armoured Division to get there and help, since they’re still fighting around Basra and Nasiriya.

We have all kinds of options, and the Iraqis can’t do much to oppose any of them.


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