Furniture Mover for Hire

Light blogging today — the stacking bookcases for the living room arrived this morning, and getting everything set up was a longer chore than I thought.

Two huge boxes to unpack. The first one I tried to open the old-fashioned way. Cut the box apart, remove the furniture, then throw out the box. Big mistake.

You know that cheap Styrofoam, the kind that turns into a million little static-filled particles if you threaten to look at it sideways? Three layers of that stuff, all of it securely taped to two more layers of cardboard. And since I’d cut the box apart, there was no place to put it all. Well, not without breaking the big bits into smaller bits and stuffing them into leaf bags. Seven leaf bags.

Vacuum, rinse, repeat. Then open the second box.

Got smarter on that one. Cut off the small end, tipped it on the now-open side, and pulled the damn thing off in one piece. Styro-particles still flew everywhere, but at least I had a working box to shove everything back into. Then came more vacuuming. No joke, I had to vacuum the walls.

Wait for the brother-in-law to show up to help stack the bookcases by spending more quality time with the vacuum.

Time to drill holes to screw the shelves together. Then find a stud in the wall to mount the no-tip strap. Done? Done. Well, except for wiring in the stereo and adjusting the shelves. Oh, and a little more vacuuming. And waxing and polishing and Windexing.

All of which was a hell of a lot less frustraing than the latest nonsense coming out of the UN.