There's Hope Yet

IsraPundit Ted Belman rebutts yesterday’s worry that following the Iraq War (open, open, open), Bush will sell out Israel in the interest of middle east “peace.” He argues:


In my article entitled The Greatness of George W Bush, Jan 28, I traced the speeches he made which articulated and advanced the new policy. America was going on the offensive. No longer would it tolerate attacks or duplicitous governments. Rather than live with the situation and watch their power erode they decided to change the situation. No longer would nations be allowed to aid and abet terrorists. No longer would America coddle dictators but would work to create a democratic ME.

Ted has lots of links to back up his claims. Read it.

Me, I’m not so sure. Yes, Bush is better than his last two predecessors when it comes to Israel and Arafat — but that’s not saying much. And selling out Israel is a long-honored Washington pastime. Still, it’s good to see evidence that things might just improve.

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