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He Still Doesn't Get It

Virginia Postrel -- welcome back! -- strengthens this morning's column on Saddam's idiocy:

Somewhere in my personal archives, I have a certain embarrassing C-SPAN tape that reminds me not to underestimate Saddam's zeal for confronting the U.S. and its allies. Back in 1991 as allied troops were massing, I appeared on Washington Journal and, when asked whether war was inevitable, I said it wasn't. In fact, I predicted that Saddam would back out of Kuwait, holding only the Rumaila oil field bordering Iraq. The world wouldn't go to war just to keep the oil field in Kuwaiti hands. Saddam would call our bluff, exit Kuwait, and gain a rich prize.

Plus, more lame city slogans and a personal report on airport security. As ever, Virginia still doesn't use permalinks, so start at the top and keep reading until you're into re-reruns.