53/47 Nation

Mickey Kaus thinks the electorate may be truly turning towards the right:

It seems pretty clear that the idea of a “50-50” deadlocked nation, the Neutral Story Line that had gathered near-unstoppable momentum before the election, is now really a fallback spin position for national Democrats trying to downplay the extent of their repudiation at the polls (as in, “Well, the Republicans gained a few seats but really it’s split pretty much down the middle like before”). This notion seems insupportable if, as looks possible, the vast majority of contested, non-gerrymandered races went to Republicans, when the Republicans won back the Senate despite having more incumbencies to defend, when just about the only way for a Republican to lose a contested Senate seat, so far tonight, has been to divorce his wife of 29 years and marry a younger ex-aide.


Yeah, last night was a disaster for Democrats, no matter how they spin it.

NOTE: After almost exactly ten months on the air, this little ditty marks the 3,000th post on VP. Do I get a prize?

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