Shop Talk

No wonder I called Bob Graham‘s (D, FL) vote wrong. James Taranto has the scoop:

Only two senators who voted for the Gulf War cast “no” votes this morning: Jeffords and Bob Graham, the Florida Democrat who chairs the Intelligence Committee. (Graham’s objection appears to have been that the resolution didn’t go far enough; the Orlando Sentinel notes that he “had tried unsuccessfully to broaden the resolution to allow Bush to attack terrorist groups such as Hezbollah.)

Who saw that one coming?

Meanwhile, Spoons isn’t impressed with my 86% (or 88%, depending) track record:

I dunno. I don’t mean to rain on the parade here, but given the number of Senators that weren’t even close ones, I’m not sure this record is so impressive.

No insult intended, Chris — but I didn’t see you stick it out like that, much less call so many on the button.