Shop Talk

Joel Mowbray on the interesting possible outcome of the Missouri Senate race:

Since the Talent-Carnahan race is a special election, Talent would become senator immediately upon winning, instead of in January like other newly elected members. The Talent addition would put the GOP back into the majority (with 50 senators and Vice President Cheney) for any lame-duck session at the end of the year, regardless of which party controls the Senate come January.

While I doubt this enticing (to Republicans) possibility will change Bush’s Congressional strategy in regards to a war authorization, it does offer up an interesting strategem. If Daschle doesn’t get moving, and soon, on the authorization, a Jim Talent victory gives the benefit of delay to the Republicans.

You know I’m not in favor of postponing this vote any more than is strictly necessary to hold a real debate on something more than a Congressional carte blanche to crater everything between Cairo and Karachi. But Dashcle isn’t even holding the debate — so put his feet to the fire already.