Blame Canada

Daniel Pipes reports on two political speeches at two North American campuses. First, Benjamin Netanyahu tried to speak at Concordia University in Montreal, but was forced away:


The anti-Israel forces physically assaulted the would-be audience. A female professor of religion at Concordia recounted how some of them “aimed their punches at my breasts.”

They smashed a plate-glass window and threw objects at the police inside. They hurled furniture at police from a mezzanine. As Toronto’s Globe & Mail put it, “By lunchtime, the vestibule of Concordia’s main downtown building was littered with paper, upturned chairs, broken furniture and the choking aftereffects of pepper spray.”

Those docile Candians, eh?

Next, we have a report from right here in Colorado Springs, where Hanan Ashrawi spoke at Colorado College:

The many objections to Ashrawi’s being honored at Colorado College centered on her obnoxious presence at an event dealing with the aftermath of Sept. 11. Colorado Gov. Bill Owens spoke for many when he said, “It’s outrageous to be bringing this woman, who has done so much to divide the Middle East and has applauded terrorism.” Both of the state’s U.S. senators objected. Rudolph Giuliani added: “I wouldn’t have invited her. Cancel it.”

But she did speak, without any interference. The protests were completely non-violent, including nothing more than scattered boos, hand-held signs and a rebuttal after the speech (given by this writer).


Now, I’m no fan of Netanyahu; he strikes me as an opportunist. A patriot? Sure — but Bibi’s first love will always be for Bibi. I could be wrong, but not according to an Israeli correspondant or three.

But you let the man speak. Even in Canada.


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