Is That My Head Or Is Ashrawi Still Talking?

Matt Traylor and I agreed — Hanan Ashrawi was a complete waste of time. She spoke for over an hour, checked off the Standard College Professor laundry list of causes, and said, essentially, zero.


In the end, she seemed to come out for peace and justice, but it was difficult to be sure she put herself quite so far out on a limb.

The crowd was polite, well-dressed, well-mannered, and, eventually, very antsy. People started leaving after about 30 minutes. Hardly any were left before the Q&A was over. The only people having any fun were the Jewish protestors about a hundred yards thataway, singing patriotic and relgious songs, and doing some dancing.

Needing to be home for the delivery guys, I had to miss Daniel Pipes, although there were 24 (counted’em!) cops protecting the walkway doors where he was to enter, perhaps from unwanted kisses from throngs of adoring fans.

Oh, yes. One girl was wearing black tape on her mouth, presumably trying to make some point about the First Amendment. Honey, when you have to put the tape on yourself, then the only thing you’re saying is that you’re too silly to bother censoring.


Back to the speech. Ashrawi did stir Matt and I to action. We decided we needed drinks. And maybe some lunch. And then more drinks. He’s a fine dinner guest, and even my bride likes him. So a total waste of an afternoon turned into a loud, loud dinner. Cool.

As for the closet doors, the Home Depot guys screwed up, and didn’t get them delivered until just now. Carrying 96″ tall mirrored doors and hangovers do not mix well together.


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