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Just got the new David Warren in my email. No link yet — he hasn’t posted it on his site.

Here’s the lede:

Make no mistake, the assassination attempt on the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, in Kandahar yesterday, and the big car bombing in the Kabul market, are directly related to the impending American attack on Iraq; just as the assassination of the Northern Alliance leader, Ahmed Massoud, on Sept. 9 last year, was directly related to the Al Qaeda attacks on New York and
Washington two days later.


If that sounds familiar, it’s because you were warned about it right here, yesterday.

The next graf:

Massoud was killed to decapitate the Northern Alliance, in expectation that they would soon be the feet on the ground for a U.S. intervention in Afghanistan. The killing of Mr. Karzai was meant to create one of several diversions to stretch the U.S. military preparing for the showdown in Iraq. (I would pray that Ahmed Chalabi and other leading Iraqi oppositionists have adequate police protection in such places as London and Washington.)

War is coming. We know it. They know it. Only Europe and the UN are still in denial.

NOTE: I’ll get you the link to the whole column just as soon as I see that it’s up.


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