The Man Behind the Curtain?

The wonder of this story isn’t that Gore is traveling to Iowa. A presidential candidate putting out feelers in the land of the nation’s first straw poll is as unexpected as stripes on a sargeant.


His political action committee, Leadership ’02, asked its employees to delay getting paychecks in June, and two members of the staff have left, reducing the total to seven. Cabrera said one staffer, Philip Dufour, is now working more directly for Gore’s wife, Tipper, on her mental health campaign. Another had long-standing plans to go back to graduate school.

Keep your ear to the ground for more Gore/money troubles stories. Word is, Bill Clinton was the point man for talking Andrew Cuomo down from his suicidal jump into New York politics. Rumor has it that Clinton has gently told Gore that another run might not be good for the party.

And if anyone can cause the Democratic money well to dry up, it’s the chief well digger, himself — Bill Clinton.

Very, very interesting.


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