With Apologies to AP

NEW YORK — A Virginia couple accused of having sex inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral to earn prizes from a pair of radio shock jocks was heckled Wednesday as they left a Manhattan courthouse.


“God is mad at you!” shouted one angry man as the pair walked silently past. “You should be ashamed of yourselves! Don’t you know you have to be ordained to do that?”

Brian Florence, 37, of Quantico, Va., and Loretta Lynn Harper, 35, of Alexandria, Va., were due back in court Oct. 2 to face charges of public lewdness for the two of them, and one count of impersonating a priest for Mr. Florence.

Defense attorney Melissa Fritz said the second charge was unfounded and should be dropped, since Loretta Lynn Harper is “quite clearly female,” and “doesn’t even have a boyish haircut.”

But her arguments fell on the deaf ears of State Supreme Court Justice Analisa Torres, who shot back, “Um, yeah, well. . . as you can tell by my name, I’m almost certainly Catholic, so shut up.”

God, crying, had no comment.


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