VP Calls for Sobriety

Kathleen Parker on why Cynthia McKinney needs to go away:

No, the reason McKinney needs to go is because these are serious times for serious people. As never before, we need temperate voices and cool heads in Washington. We need keen intellects and educated minds to weigh decisions that could mean life or death to millions and dictate the unforeseeable future.

McKinney’s volatile, explosive, rabble-rousing style and her race-baiting, conspiracy-spouting hysterics may have been effective campaign strategies in the Georgia of 1992 when she was first elected. Her political antics may have kept her in headlines and animated a Georgia church pew or two, but we can no longer afford her ilk. Histrionics and pantomime are pastimes of peace times, and we enjoy no such luxury now.


Indeed. We were privileged enough to take nearly a decade off from history. Even the first Gulf War was more a logistic exercise than a life-or-death struggle with evil — and we still didn’t bother to complete the effort.

Those happy days ended 11 months ago.

The stakes are as high as they’ve ever been, and we can no longer afford the luxury of keeping the likes of McKinney around as publicly-funded entertainment.


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