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Why isn’t the BBC hyping this UPI story?

The United States said Tuesday that an errant satellite-guided bomb probably did not kill about 40 civilians in Uruzgan province north of Kandahar early Monday, since the bomb landed on an empty hillside.

Instead, the casualties most likely resulted from an AC-130 gunship attack on Taliban or al Qaida anti-aircraft artillery sites or from anti-aircraft shells falling to the ground, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace told reporters at a press conference.

“That hill mass had no people on it, and the air controller on the ground believes that there was no one in that area where it impacted,” Pace said.


Instead, the good folks at the BBC run this headline:

Afghans express outrage over attack.

Yeah, that’s right. The accident might not have even been committed by Americans — and yet it’s still considered a US “attack” by the BBC.


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