Tough Thoughts

Here’s the UPI version of today’s accidental Afghan deaths. Of my quick glances at the four major stories, UPI is the only source to lean heavily on this:


“We are aware of reports of civilian causalities. It is unclear whether those casualties are from our bomb or from the triple-A fire,” it [the Pentagon report] added.

That’s enemy anti-aircraft artillery fire. I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s losses here, but when partying in a warzone, try to find an abandoned bunker. They stay cool in summer and have lots of dark corners for making out with your wife, girlfriend, goat or whatever. Do not party in a dirty tent near big guns shooting at planes with bombs on them.

Jeebus, people, show a little more sense than Desiree Washington. Neither the wedding guests nor Desiree was asking for it, but they certainly weren’t thinking very far ahead, either.


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