Tuesdays With Nicky

After last week’s pair of broad-stroke “journalism” from Kristof’s visit to flyover country, we have a new definition of irony. “Nicholas Kristof discussing the evils of caricature.”


Naturally, that’s how he starts off today’s column. It’s actually pretty good, if obvious, stuff. Certainly no worse than the drivel you find here.

But at least the drivel here is consistent with itself.

NEW FEATURE! Now it’s time for something we’ll be doing here on Tuesdays and Fridays called KrugmanWatchWatch. This site will use its copious free time and utter lack of pressing chores (cough, cough) to keep an eye on Megan McArdle’s KrugmanWatch. As soon as I know that she’s posted her twice-weekly takedown of Krugman, I’ll let you know.

And this one oughta be spicy.


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