Wildlife BBQ

No, I haven’t been forced from my home by the Colorado wildfires. The big one is well north and west of here — and moving further north. Thank Whomver for small favors.


What in Blazes?
I do, however, worry about my Aunt Barb, who lives up on Old Stage Road up Cheyenne Mountain. Yes, that’s the same Cheyenne that holds NORAD, but they’re safely underground. Barb lives in a lovely wood-roofed house, surrounded by trees that haven’t seen enough rain since about 1997.

Heading downtown this morning, the view of Pike’s Peak was obscured by a pasty orange film, similar to the smog you can see around the Golden Gate Bridge at rush hour on windless days. Since the skies are clear, I can only think that haze is smoke & ash & whatnot from the fires.

It’s a little spooky, but the real trouble is in Diana Hsieh‘s neck of the woods near Glennwood Springs. She reports the fire is heading right towards her — and “is essentially 0% contained.” Good luck, Diana. Now quit blogging and bug out. Save the kids, pets, and pictures.

MY BAD. Diana is near the Hayman fire, not Glennwood. Both are bad. Diana writes in the Comments:

There’s no need to leave yet, as we haven’t gotten the order to evacuate. But we’re ready to go. And blogging keeps my mind off the thought of our house being reduced to charcoal.

Also, it keeps us informed and our worries to a minimum. Thanks, Diana.


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