Layne Owes Me Ten Bucks for the Plug

I just finished reading some of the finest, funnest fiction this side (or any side) of Elmore Leonard.

And to follow it up, I have a copy of Six Days of War, which is some of the finest history it’s ever been my pleasure to read.


Author Michael Oren presents a history of Israel’s Six Day War after getting unprecedented to the archives of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Russia, and the United States. He also took oral histories from many of the soldiers who fought, and politicians who waged the war.

All I can think of is Brit Hume’s tagline “fair, balanced, and unafraid.” If you want to know why the Middle East is, well, the Middle East, you need to read this book.

As for Ken Layne’s Dot.Con? I wasn’t kidding with the Elmore comparison. Except Ken is funnier and more intricate. Buy the man’s book already.



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