The Last Sentence Is Satirical, OK?

Did VodkaPundit start the whole Rope-A-Dope thing with this post? I think maybe I did, and I’m almost sorry for that. (Here’s the latest mention that came to my attention.)


It’s a nice little bit of shorthand to describe the position contrary to the Prof’s Wobbly Watch posts. But, really — it is just a shorthand, and not meant to be taken too literally.

Ali coined the term to describe how he beat Foreman in Zaire. For Ali, Rope-A-Dope was a conscious strategy, formulated in advance. He was older and weaker than Foreman, and Ali knew it was the only way he could beat George.

I never thought that was the case with the Bush Administration. They’re using Rope-A-Dope because they don’t know what the hell else to do while they build up forces for the Main Event against Iraq. It’s not a victory strategy, it’s a measure of desperation. They have to do something to keep a lid on the Middle East until we’re ready for war.

So. Remember, the camp is not divided between Wobblies who think Bush caved in weeks ago versus Rope-A-Dopers who think Bush is a strategic mastermind, plotting moves years in advance.

The gradiations are much finer, much more varied, and much less diametrically opposed than is apparent in blogspeak.

And let’s hope all those damn loser Wobblies are wrong.


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