Springtime For Le Pen and France

Asparagirl knows what’s good for Europe — less spinach and more ice cream:

The point of all this being that were I a Broadway producer, I think I’d hold off on investing in any European import shows for a while. Perhaps instead, given current circumstances, Europe could do with a few American musical theatre imports. But let’s hold off on the saccharine of “42nd Street” or the wordplay of Sondheim and instead give them an all-singing all-dancing democratic slap upside the head. Send them a touring cast of “1776”, or maybe “Oklahoma!”, which I’m seeing on Broadway in a few days. Give them a performance of “The Producers” and watch them gasp; they create dictators, we create musicals satirizing dictators.

Singing, dancing Ben Franklins! Flaming Hitlers! Ooooooooooklahoma! Live, in Paris! Don’t like our Big Macs, Froggie-boy? Here, have some Lane with that.

Please, Brooke, please tell me that you’ll also put an end to all this Andrew Lloyd Webber crap.