Mayday, Mayday

Ah, spring. When a young man’s thoughts turn to . . . well, pretty much the same deranged fantasies I entertain the rest of the year.

Other young men and women, with less healthy outlets, pretend this day to be Marxists, and have a little fun spending daddy’s money and your tax dollars.


Actually, May Day never really caught on in the US. Know why? We’re too busy getting rich to bother.

Marx was right about one thing, though — the State did, indeed, wither away. Too bad it was the Marxist states that all withered away, so that people might enjoy enough freedom to make a little money and enjoy themselves a bit.

If you have anything left in the bank now that Tax Day is over, may I suggest you celebrate this Worker’s Holiday by putting some cold, hard cash into your IRA?

Adam Smith will smile if you do.


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