She's Not Dead, Jim

New Blogger John Tabin does the grunt work and answers my months-old question: What has become of Camille Paglia?

Well, I tracked down the lesbian libertarian academic legend via the Usenet group Turns out she’s attached now to Interview magazine, which unfortunately has no web presence. You can apparantly read her regular column in the magazine, but on the web, someone has posted a copy of an interview she gave in the December issue, in which she deals with 9/11. Naturally, she makes some good points, since she’s brilliant. (Not as feisty as Fallaci, though.) I’ll be heading to the newstands to try to track down Interview.


A big thanks to John. And if you’re a Camille fan, read the interview, too.

So here’s my new question: When will Camille start a blog?


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