He's No Ebert -- Thankfully

Jeff Jarvis explains why building a wall won’t work for Israel. Didn’t the East Germans try that in 1961? And look where it got them.

Also, there’s the sheer bloody-mindedness of the Arabs:


But these merchants of hate, these people who will stop at nothing — even selling their own children into death and murder and hell — will find new ways to detonate hate. They invented the 737 bomb. They invented the woman bomb. They invented the child bomb. For all we know, they invented new, improved anthrax. A wall will not stop their weapons. A wall will not stop the retaliation. A wall will not stop the killing. A wall will not stop the hate.

The more I read, the more I become convinced that Palestinian expulsion from the West Bank (followed by a short and very, very nasty war) is the only way to a lasting peace.


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