US Mews & Whirrled Retort

Rand Simberg performs a vivisection on the execrable David Gergen this morning. Gergen, of course, is too brain dead to notice his own intestines out on the table.


This quote sums it up nicely: “Gergen seems to have no political principles at all, and no discernable intelligence.”

Just one quibble, Rand — you really like that wing-tip thug wanna-be Bill Kristol?

NOTE: Bill Kristol has never, as far as I know, worn jack boots. Hence the “wing-tip thug” comment. Pat Buchanan is also a wing-tip thug, but he pretends he’s wearing construction boots.

I hope to Whomever that I stop doing Footwear Political Analysis. Soon.

UPDATE: I’m still catching up on all I missed last week, so let me say it now: Virginia, I somehow knew you’d be wearing three-inch heels. That’s all I’m going to say — just in case Melissa is reading this.


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