FYA - For Your Reassurance

My crackpot theories are usually, well, crackpot.

But you’ll like this one.

Sarge will be back. Something will get under his skin, and the only way he’ll be able to properly vent will be to get a solid modem connection and a keyboard under his fingers.


How do I know? Melissa and I were having a lovely dinner with my grandfather and his wife, Nancy, when someone mentioned the President’s abominable decision on cloning.

I went on a web-worthy rant right then and there at the table of a very fine Italian restaurant. (Me at the table, gesturing with fork, loudly saying “The Republicans are wrong on abortion, and they’re wrong on cloning, and this idiotic decision will cost money, and job, and lives. I hope it comes back to bite Bush on the ass — he deserves it. I got stared at.) Yet I still felt emotionally constipated, because I hadn’t flung my thoughts in public.

Sarge will be back.


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