Slept With News On, Woke Up Mad

Fred Pruitt goes into more detail on how (and why) Arafat might get his arse shot off.

Totally, completely, 100% on accident of course. It’s the OJ assassination.


Let’s line up some excuses in advance for whichever IDF soldier gets the honor of papering a wall with Arafat’s gray matter:

“I swear, I thought it was an evil circus midget.”
“I thought he said, ‘Erik, make me a martyr.’ Hi, I’m Erik.”
“Oops. My bad.”
“It was Allah’s will.”
“The dog misadjusted my gunsights.”
“That one was Arafat? Cool.”
“Pvt. Cohen bet me five shekels I couldn’t hit that Pizza Hut tablecloth from here. I didn’t realize someone’s head was in it.”
“I asked him who he was and if he wanted to die, and I could have sworn he said, ‘Yes, sir.'”

Feel free to add your own in the Drinks. Bonus points for anything especially silly or unbelievable. Best entry wins nothing at all. Do it for the glory.


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