If You Ban Convicts, Then

If You Ban Convicts, Then Only Vic Can Ban Ifs. Or Something
I always seem to catch him late, but I seem to be about the only blogger who regularly reports on Thomas Sowell.


In Monday’s column, Sowell uses the Yates sentencing to expound on how the government keeps us — and even itself! — ignorant of the comings and goings of violent convicts.

Considering what detailed statistics are kept in sports – you can find out how many times Ty Cobb hit into double plays 80 years ago — it is truly ironic how few records are kept on those who make decisions that can cost other people their lives. Perhaps that is because the payoff matters in sports, while in much social policy what matters is that people with power keep it — and conceal any information that would threaten their theories.

Sowell is this morning’s Required Reading.


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