I'd Like To Smack the

I’d Like To Smack the Academy
I didn’t watch the Oscars, don’t care about the Oscars, wasn’t going to write squat about the Oscars.

But then John Podhoretz slams the ceremony and boosts Sidney Poitier, both beautifully:


In a magnificent speech that was the highlight of the otherwise-unspeakable ceremony, Poitier himself paid a powerful and modest tribute to the directors, producers and studio heads who made history by casting him in the films that made him a star. They were all white.

So is Poitier’s wife Joanna. Poitier had two daughters with Joanna, who are therefore both black and white. He is an integrationist not only professionally, but personally. For him to be seen as an inspiration only to black people is to ghettoize an extraordinary man who simply refused to accept the limits of race.

There you have it. Hell, by July I’ll be darker than Halle Berry — and yet Hollywood finally rewards her. . .for her role as a death row inmate’s wife. That’s not triumph, that’s tragedy.

And those multiculturalists on the Left Coast should know better.


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