Oh, the Humanities!

Some blogger pointed out a couple months ago — it was Glenn, or maybe me, or probably Ken — that one of the least appreciated weapons in war is satire. Remember the WWII Bugs Bunny cartoons? Great stuff, putting Hitler and Tojo in their proper position: Grabbing ankles and taking it like an inmate.


I remember 23 years ago, a wee lad of ten, drawing picture after picture of Ayatollah Khomeini with my buddy Kevin Kahlmeyer, and tossing them one by one into the crackling fireplace. We wasted a lot of paper that day, we certainly didn’t do the hostages any good, but I remember my grandmother warmly smiling at us the whole time. I think we learned an important lesson that day about the uses of satire, primitive though it was.

But now forget Bugs. Forget my little attempts at art. Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom lets loose the entire humanities department on our enemies.

And the results had coffee shooting out of my nose.


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