Too Mad To Vent Link

Too Mad To Vent
Link via Andrea Harris.

My twenty-two year flirtation with the Libertarian Party is over. Two time LP presidential candidate and full time nutbag Harry Browne claims “Bin Laden wins Afghan war.”


Here are some lines to make you boil:

Americans are claiming victory because American bombers have devastated Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans have been killed, and the already-impoverished country is now almost completely in ruins.

We’re claiming victory because, well, we killed a lot of the bad guys, sent the others running, and installed a coalitions government that’s allowing inidividual liberty. I’m sorry, Harry, if you despise a policy that protects American lives while promoting freedom. Funny, I thought that what libertarianism was supposed to be about.

As for the Afghan civilian deaths, I think we know all about those numbers.

I can’t go on with this article. It is such a hate-filled screed — not only against the US, but (predictably) against Israel, too — that my hands are literally trembling.



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