Good News/Angry News Bill Gertz

Good News/Angry News
Bill Gertz does his usual good job, this time reporting on the aftermath of Anaconda.

I’ll highlight the best bits.

[Gardez] demonstrated the power of combined arms, the professionalism of young Army infantrymen participating in their first combat, and the stupidity of al Qaeda fighters holed up in caves in the area south of Gardez.


On those “brilliant” al Qaeda fighters:

“Part of the light infantry usefulness is that it appears that the al-Qaeda pride just can’t abide our guys on their turf, so we make effective ‘bait,’ pulling the bad guys out of their holes,” the officer said in a report to colleagues, describing the first use of conventional ground troops in the war in Afghanistan.

“However, because they are not so smart, they try to attack uphill to the ground we own, and between direct and indirect [mortars and close air support] fires we absolutely chew them up. In a one-on-one fight our soldiers are better trained and equipped and work together well


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