Something Chocolaty and With Macadamia

Something Chocolaty and With Macadamia Nuts
Opinion Journal’s Collin Levey is the latest to take on Chicks with Guns. Well, not literally — that would be foolhardy in the extreme.


My take was funnier and beat Levey’s by six days. I want a cookie.

Also, compare something these two snippets:

1. Women are exactly the kind of people you do want owning guns. One look at the demographics of violent crime tells you about all you need to know. Guns don’t kill people, men kill people.
2. As John Lott demonstrated a couple years ago, the vast majority of those killed will be bad men, by good women, in self-defense.

Who wrote which? If you guessed VodkaPundit wrote the first one, you owe me another cookie. I wrote the second one.

The only difference is, I did it first.

Advantage: VodkaPundit.


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