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We LOVE Typos! By the

We LOVE Typos!

By the time Blogger is letting me post again, the following headline will probably be fixed. But it has to be shared.

Now, for your entertainment pleasure, allow me to present the latest screw-up from Reuters (Motto: "One Man's News Service Is Another Man's Wet Hacking Cough"):

White House Regrets Blaming Clinton on Mideast

Apparently, Osama bin Laden had some sort of crack suicide voting squad in place in '92 and '96, stuffing ballot boxes from coast to coast. Developing...

UPDATE: Four-plus hours later, and Reuters (Motto: "One Man's Typo Is Another Man's Bad Running Joke") still hasn't pulled the story or corrected the headline. Shh! No telling -- we don't ruin a good thing.