Of Course We're Lost -- You Ate the Map

Reuters (Motto: “One Man’s Wire Service Is Another Man’s Shin Splints”) brings word that Tom Daschle is “disappointed” in the way President Bush is handling the war effort.


OK, so Daschle didn’t say “disappointed,” but only because he forgot is notecards.

Instead, the South Dakota senator said “the war lacks “clear direction.” Tom, first you say you don’t like the very clear direction (Axis of Evil) that Bush signaled last month, now you claim there is no direction. Which is it? Is there an Axis of Evil or a formless void? You make the call.

Worse than Daschle’s idiocy, which was nothing more than political opportunism, was the Republican response. Mississippi Senator Trent Lott shot back with, “How dare [he] criticize President Bush while we are fighting our war.”

There you have it — instead simply calling out Daschle on the facts (as this blog was able to do on little sleep and half a cup of coffee), Republicans are simply going to respond to any criticism with thinly veiled charges of treason. Tell me again why I argued last week in favor of having two strong political parties?


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