We Really Need Steven Den

We Really Need Steven Den Beste and Game Theory
I’m not sure what to think about this one. The White House announced it’s scrapping a decades-old policy pledging not to use nukes against non-nuclear nations.


On the one hand, the old policy made a lot of sense. Since you can’t nuke us, we won’t nuke you — which removes a possible motive for countries to want or feel they might need nuclear weapons.

On the other hand, dictators wanting nukes is like 14-year-old boys wanting Britney Spears — they’re popular and temptingly, seemingly possible.

Add to the mix that nukes aren’t the only weapons of mass destruction — and we DO promise to use nukes against anyone using chemicals or biologicals against us.

Are we encouraging new nations to join the nuclear club, or are we just recognizing reality with this new policy? Discuss.


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