Deadly Serious Business Israeli PM

Deadly Serious Business
Israeli PM Ariel Sharon announced his new not-quite-war/not-quite-peace plan for the Palestinian territories.

Sharon isn’t going for the “pull back and build a wall” strategy espoused by some, but close to it. The IDF will first set up “buffer zones” between Israeli and Palestinian communities, followed by the two-prong approach of “a ceasefire with complete Palestinian disarmament followed at some later time by a final drawing up of borders,” according to the BBC. Read the full story here.

The plan is messy, it won’t satisfy the Arab populations — but it’s safer than capitulation and more reasonable than building a wall. So the question is, has Sharon found a middle way to provide enough security for his people that all-out war can be avoided until Arafat is gone and a settlement can be reached? Or, is he just delaying the inevitable and encouraging more terror attacks?

I don’t have the answer. What are your thoughts?