An Open Letter to Sarge

An Open Letter to Sarge Stryker
Sarge, let me tell you a little story as it was told to me.

Well, not to me. It was years ago, and Lawrence Fishburne was on Letterman promoting some movie or other, and told this to millions of viewers.

Humor me here, you’ll see the point. Just keep reading.

You might not remember, but that was little Larry, barely a teen, on the river patrol boat in “Apocalypse Now.” Don’t beleive me? Read the credits.

Anyway, they were shooting in the Philippines, and Larry really was just a kid, not old enough to drink — not even back then.

So one day when he’s not on set, he goes to see a magic show. Some local PI magician with lots of smoke and mirrors and ladies cut in half and whatnot. And he’s there with none other than Marlon Brando.

Anyway, Lawrence is still young enough to be oohing and aahing over all the “illusions.” Then, right after some trick or other, Brando leans right into his ear and says, “Kid, it’s all a bunch of crap.”

I read your response to the latest from the Pentagon, and that story came to mind.

It’s all a bunch of crap, Sarge.