They Even Cheat at Figure

They Even Cheat at Figure Skating
This item also from StrategyPage:

While the Afghan War has convinced France to buy more helicopters and form more special forces units, the French have decided against any increase in long-range strike or aerial tanker capability.

My only conclusion is that all these new French special forces will either: A) Be used to force the occassional regime change in religiously-oppressed and terrorist-sponsoring Luxembourg, or; B) have to rely on American forces for transportation and logistics. The “allied” country that wouldn’t let a few of our bombers fly over in 1986 expects us to escort their air assualt troops all over hell and gone. Fuck’em.

Sometimes, I really don’t understand what all the fuss was about when France pulled out of the NATO command structure in 1966. Seems like it would have had all the doomsday effects of Chad pulling out of the World Trade Organization.