Charles in Charge It's Friday,

Charles in Charge
It’s Friday, kids, and you know what that means — Krauthammer!

Finally, someone (other than a blogger) talks sense about Enron. The key graph is this:

But there is another story line that has been largely overlooked: the remarkable self-correcting capacity of that same free market. We now have dozens of members of Congress falling over each other to write new rules and regulations — conflict-of-interest provisions, new accounting standards, etc. — to prevent the next Enron. But it will be months, years, before any of this will take effect, and the market has already acted with a terrible swift sword.

And that, my friends, is why us small-l libertarians must re-take the Republican party from the business interests who, in part, control it. Congress, even when well-intended, is still trying to come up with new toilet paper regulations while the rest of us have moved on to bidets.

NOTE: Sorry, was that a bit graphic for so early in the day?