You Wouldn't Like Him When

You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry
When the president of the supposedly market-oriented Club for Growth attacks Tom Daschle for not supporting the pork-barrel “Stimulus Package,” then it may be time to give up entirely on so-called conservatives.

I expect the President to support economic lunacy like the stimulus package — it makes people think he’s “doing something” about the economy. In modern times, the press grants the President some sort of voodoo power to make the economy grow or shrink, and savages him when he doesn’t utter the proper incantations. So W makes noises that wasting our money actually helps us. Meanwhile, from the sidelines, you and me and the groups we form urge the President to ignore the press and do what’s right. He strokes the press, we give him cover. That’s called politics, and it’s how the game has been played since, approximately, ever ago.

But goddamnit — when a group that supposedly supports free markets actually makes the case for Washington bloat, then it’s time for us small-l libertarians to shout down the damn business lobby, the Christian Rite, and the Drug Warriors, and take the Republican Party back from them in the name of Goldwater.