His Fiance is Working All

His Fiance is Working All Weekend, So Give Him a Break Here
This, quoted in its entirety from Lucianne.com:

All Chair, No Whip: Greta von Susteren rounded out her first week of seeing the world through new eyes with a confrontation with Dick Morris that shows her Clinton-loving ways aren’t going to fly at Fox. At least not with their regular contributors. On last night’s show, Dick went so far as to tell her, as she frantically tried to spin the Clinton line on terrorism efforts, that she was – gasp! – “still a CNN person.” It was amazing to watch her former face return. That’s a great big bed over there at Fox. Everybody get comfy and no pinching. (Final transcript will be posted when complete.)


I’ll keep my eye out for the whole transcript for you. Could be some fun weekend reading.


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