Do You Believe in Miracles?

Do You Believe in Miracles?
InstaPundit isn’t a fan of the Olympics, and he makes some pretty damning-because-they’re-accurate criticisms of the Games.


Of course the Games aren’t really amateur. Of course half or more of the events are idiotic pseudo-sports. Of course they don’t promote world peace — or even fight tooth decay. Of course the IOC is a hypocritical bunch of Swiss Alp-junketing pocket-liners.

But you get to see the best of the best from the entire world competing in some real sports. That alone is worth some serious TV time every couple of years.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you get to see a real miracle. You hockey fans old enough to remember 1980 know what I’m talking about. Besides, this year those opening ceremonies will leave you weeping. Don’t let the good Professor rain on what should prove to be a fine parade.


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